Selling or trading your gear to Peace Camera

As quick and convenient as the internet has become, private sales are still a huge pain in the butt. Whether it be Craigslist or Ebay the constant barrage of scammers and re-sellers low balling you can quickly become tiresome. Even if you do happen to find a buyer you either have to trust that some far away stranger won't attempt some online shenanigans, or likewise be forced to meet with a local stranger in a supermarket parking lot and hope they don't attempt some in person shenanigans! Here at Peace Camera we provide you with a quick and safe place to sell your equipment so you can spend more time taking pictures and less time clearing out your email's spam folder. Satisfying the customer is a top priority to us. Whether you are buying or selling we attempt to be as open and transparent as possible. This page is a guide to help you understand more about the types of gear we want and how we buy and trade used equipment.

For more detailed information on selling us your used gear please click the link below

Modern Camera Gear

Please note that this is an overview and not a comprehensive list of all the items we are interested in purchasing! If you have any questions as to the desirablity of your item please contact the store!


Interchangable lens cameras 

We mainly deal with Canon and Nikon DSLR's, & Fujifilm and Sony Mirrorless cameras. We may be interested in some Sony Alpha, Panasonic, Pentax or Olympus cameras but you should call to check our interest before you make the trip down to the store.

Note: If you're bringing a camera in for evaluation please make sure the battery is charged so that it may be tested for functionality. If a piece comes without a charger or battery we will deduct $25 for each missing item. If the item is delivered at a later date we will give you the amount deducted.



We are interested in most lenses for popular brands. 


Prosumer level point and shoot cameras  

We are not interested in purchasing the vast majority of point and shoot cameras used. However we are interested in high end point and shoots such as the Fuji X, Canon G, Sony RX and some Nikon P series cameras. of course if you have something along those lines from another manufacturer feel free to contact us and inquire as to our interest.


 Camera Supports, Tripods & Heads

Used tripods with removable heads are something we are always interested in purchasing. Examples would be European tripods like Gitzo, Manfrotto etc. Some asian tripods such as Benro, Induro and Sirui will be considered as well.

Studio & Grip Equipment



Constant lighting such as LED, fluorescent, incandescent or flash lighting such as studio strobes are welcome.


Light Stands & Grip Equipment.

Light stands, C stands, super clamps, grip arms sandbags and backdrop supports from all kinds of brands are of interest.

Analog Gear & Darkroom


35mm Film Cameras

Mechanical film cameras such as the Nikon F series , Canon AE-1, Pentax K1000, Contax, Leica M & R series and other mechanical cameras are preferred. We may consider some electric film cameras if they are capable of being operated in manual. Pro level cameras such as the Nikon F5 and Canon EOS-1N are also welcome. We are not interested in cameras that are not capable of fully manual control or those with non-interchangeable lenses that are of consumer quality. 

Unsure if your camera meets these criteria? Send us a message or call and we'll let you know if we're interested!

fuji670c copy.jpg

Medium format 

We are interested in most medium format film equipment, provided it is in good working order. We commonly deal with brands such as Rollei, Hasselblad, Pentax, Mamiya, Fujifilm, Bronica, Yashica. etc.


Large Format Film cameras & Lenses.

Large format cameras in 4x5 & 8x10 such as Deardorff, Graphlex, Zone VI, Calumet, Horseman etc. are welcome. Bellows must be intact and free of holes or rips. We are not interested in cameras which use sheet film in sizes smaller than 4x5.


Darkroom Equipment


Enlargers, developing tanks, trays, Safelights, timers, tongs, jugs, measuring cups, beakers etc. 

Often people bring us gear that has been sitting in the attic or out in the shed for years. We are perfectly fine with this so long as the equipment is in working order, but please make sure the gear is free of dust and grime BEFORE bringing it into the store!

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