The Gear Buying Process

How we decide what we are and are not interested in purchasing.

Many factors are considered when we evaluate your equipment. First and foremost is the desirability of the item. Is it digital or analog? Is it brand named or aftermarket, i.e. from a third party manufacturer? If it is aftermarket, which manufacturer built it and in which country was it produced? Is it something that anybody could use, or is it a niche item that only a few people could appreciate? This can usually be determined by contacting the store prior to your visit and simply asking if your item is something we would be interested in evaluating. 

Determining condition and functionality

We know our customers don't want to get stuck with a broken piece of gear--and neither do we! That is why we assess the outward appearance and mechanical reliability of every piece of equipment brought in for trade. As far as outward appearance,  we expect to find signs of normal use such as small dings, scratches on LCD screens, leatherette that has come loose and other various blemishes associated with everyday ware and tear. (Though this is expected, especially with older equipment, it does factor into the overall evaluation.)

Cameras are machines, not designed to last forever, and we must test to assess their reliability. For analog cameras we use our film camera tester machine to check the accuracy of the meter and timing of the shutter. For digital cameras, usually only Nikon, we obtain a shutter count. Shutter count is like the odometer in your car and tells us how many times the camera has been fired--the fewer shots on the camera the better. Lenses will be tested to ensure that they focus and zoom properly, that the glass is free of scratches, and that the inner lens elements are free of particulate matter and fungus.

Signs of impact damage, water logging, drink spills and any electrical or mechanical issues will be taken seriously. This type of damage to a piece will usually disqualify the item from further consideration. We reject items that are inoperable or are in need to of repair.

Finding the Value of your item

There are a few metrics we use to determine the value of your item. Completed listings on Ebay give us a good idea as to the item's value and marketability. Viewing completed listings allows us to determine factors such as demand, average selling price, and how many similarly priced items failed to sell. For more current items, we look at the new price and whether or not rebates are being offered or are likely to be offered in the near future. Rebates usually drop the value of an item as much as 50%, so this must be taken into consideration.

We also check our records to see if we have sold the same piece in the past, how much it sold for, and how long it took to sell. Our instincts and knowledge of the local market-what brands and types of equipment are likely to sell and if the item will sell quickly or if it is destined to sit in the store for a long time waiting for the right person to walk by-will often factor into the evaluation. 

Although we take into account how quickly the item will sell when determining what percentage of retail value we are willing to pay, for items of average desirability and condition we generally will offer you 70% of the items retail value for a trade. Trade means that the customer is using the value towards another item being purchased from Peace Camera. Trade value can also be placed on a gift card, which never devalues or expires. If a customer is selling an item of average desirability and condition, we will offer them 60% of the retail value. As payment you will receive a Wells Fargo check which can be cashed at any Wells Fargo branch or deposited into your account as with any other check. 

For both sales and trades we require a photo ID.

If you have any further questions please feel free to contact the store!

Note concerning stolen gear and equipment

If you have gear that you have lost or has been stolen please contact us with the item and serial number so that we may notify you and / or the police in the case that someone brings it into the store and offers it up for sale. If any law enforcement agency contacts Peace Camera and determines we have inadvertently purchased a stolen item we will fully cooperate, turn over the item along with any information requested, and pursue legal options in order to recover any products or money lost in the fraudulent transaction. Last year we recovered several stolen pieces of equipment and aided in the arrest of multiple burglary and robbery suspects. If you come into the store and attempt to sell us gear that you know is stolen,  we will have you arrested.