Warranty & Returns

Return policy for all items is 10 days. For full value the item MUST be returned in new & unused condition.

Specifically we must have the product back in the same condition in which it left, with all packaging and literature accompanied by a reciept.

Warranty on most used items is 90 days 

This warranty, like most warranties only covers manufacturer defects and does not cover any damage inflicted by the end user such as drop damage, water damage or any of the other weird ways people have found to break photographic equipment. 

Used items marked "As is" are sold (you guessed it) as is and do not come with a warranty.

Please note: We do not mark items "As is" because the piece is in some way defective and we're trying to sucker someone into buying it. We mark an item "as is" for many different reasons but the usual reason is because the retail price is drastically lower than cost of repair or the item is so old that repair or replacement is not possible. If you check our used list you will see that items marked like this are few and far between. 

Warranty on new items is dependent on the manufacturer 

If you have a warranty item which needs to go back to the factory for warranty service we would be more than willing to help you through the process, even if you did not buy your camera from us! Please note that ALL warranty repairs will need to be accompanied by a copy of the original receipt. If you bought the item from us and have lost the receipt we can usually provide a copy.