Peace Camera Staff


Jim Brusso

Jim has been involved in photography since 1975. He loves to talk photography with customers. He particularly enjoys shooting concerts with black and white film.


Yi Church

Yi studied at Penland and is a graduate from Meredith College in Raleigh, with a major in Studio Arts and a minor in Photography. She has won multiple awards and has shown at various exhibitions across North Carolina. As an artist Yi likes to explore and push boundaries within the art community, either with mediums or within concepts. Check out her website where you can buy prints and different services ranging from photography to sewing to ceramics and to see her online portfolio.


Brandon Edwards

Brandon is an award winning photographer, Fujifilm Ambassador, and teaches the photography classes here at Peace Camera! He loves working in traditional photography techniques like wet-plate photography and alternative process printing. Brandon is available for photo jobs, and he is the owner of Triangle Photo Services, a photography instruction company that offers consultations for businesses and individuals around North Carolina. Check out his website, take a class at Peace Camera or schedule a one on one tutoring session!


Greg Myers

Greg is a former employee at peace camera. He spent a a lot of time in Miami and decided to come back and work part time while he's in town. Greg started out in photography but has moved into working in the film industry. He is credited as a DP, Producer and Director mainly on short films and music videos.


Geof Simons

Geof has been working in the photography industry for over 25 years. In the 90's Geof worked in a photo lab, printing Black and White and Cibachrome prints by hand. He is an OG Peace Camera employee and currently handles product procurement.


Allen Weiss

Allen has been an image-maker for over four decades, as a commercial and art photographer and film/video director/cameraman. His portrait photography is in several collections, including the permanent collections of The Greenville Museum Of Art and the Gregg Museum at NC State. When he moved to New York City for a few years, he worked as an assistant to world-renowned photographer Arnold Newman. When he eventually moved to Raleigh, he crossed over into the world of motion pictures as a director. As such, he directed and shot commercial and charitable image campaigns throughout North America and Europe, received a Best in Show Addy Award for a public service announcement that he wrote and directed, and saw his work included in the commercials division of The New Directors Showcase at the Cannes Film Festival. Recently, he finished a full-length documentary on his father, a Holocaust survivor. Allen is available for consultation and tutoring in videography, Final Cut Pro, Photoshop, and the good ol’ darkroom.


Bryan Gaines

*Work in Progress


Mystery Man

Legends have told tale of his employment. Some say he's a staff member, others say he's a myth.